Prediction BioSciences SAS

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General company information

Address : 60 avenue Rockfeller

Zip code : 69008

City : Lyon

Incorporated in : 2010/01/11

Number of employees : 2

Main activity :


Our company focuses its R&D activities on the developpement of biomarker-based diagnostic and pronostic test to predict more accurately risk of specific disease recurrence or treatment with indications in oncology and stroke care. The tests under development will lead to a personalized medicine and provide patient with early, accurate, and individualized prognostic information to guide its treatment choice

Incubator : No

Subsidiary of a group : No

Prize winner for innovative start-up : No

Innovative company (FCPI) : No

Other status (JEI, JEU, ...) : Yes (JEI)

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Looking for funding : Yes

Public funding obtained : 2012 250 000€/refundable advance 17 000€/subsidy

Company contact

First name : Cornelius

Last name : Diamond

Position : CEO

Email :

Phone : +33 (0)6 43 52 10 24


First name : Caroline

Last name : Bourgin-Hierle

Position : Research manager

Email :

Phone : +33 (0)6 16 50 75 52


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Company segmentation

Business model
Product developer - Biopharmaceuticals, Product developer - Other health

Value chain
Research, Other

Diagnostics / Analysis method, Bioinformatics / Modeling

Application fields
Human health, Cancer


Presentation of company's activity

Our R&D activities focuses on the developpement of biomarker-based diagnostic and pronostic test. These tests feature:

(i) Gene RXTM Breast Cancer profile. This biomarker-based test uses a nonlinear algorithm that combines protein detection with standard clinicopathologic features to predict more accurately risk of metastases or recurrence in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients. It accurately estimates distant recurrence and outperforms current clinical guidelines (such as NPI, Adj!Online, 2007 St Gallen) providing valuable guidance in adjuvant treatment choices, such as cytotoxic chemotherapy.

(ii) Gene RxTM Colorectal Cancer progression. Current clinical guidelines recommend cytotoxic chemotherapy for approximately 95% of stage II colorectal cancer patients, even though less than 5% of them would likely derive any direct benefit. Using same methodology as for GeneRXTM Breast Cancer profile, we have identified five protein markers with accurate prediction value to discriminate “good” and “bad” prognosis colorectal cancer. Profile evaluation and validation is currently ongoing.

(iii) RapidResponseTM c-Fn Diagnosis. There's currently no method to predict the transformation of acute ischemic stroke to fatal hemorrhage following thrombolytic therapy. Our company is currently developing a rapid test based on the detection of c-Fn, a blood-based marker shown to be predictive of severe hemorrhagic transformation (HT) in thrombolytic-treated ischemic stroke patients. The ultimate goal is to bring this POC test to stroke unit and contribute to a better management of stroke care.

Products / Services / Technologies

Pipeline product 1

Therapeutic area : oncologie

Therapeutic indication : breast cancer

Pipeline product 2

Therapeutic area : oncologie

Therapeutic indication : Colorectal cancer

Pipeline product 3

Therapeutic area : cardiovascular

Therapeutic indication : ischemic stroke

Presentation of company's technologies

Biomarkers-based prognosis and diagnostic to be used as medical device in stoke (RapidResponseTM c-Fn Test) and oncology (GeneRxTM Breast Cancer Profile)